Athlete • Artist • Powsurfing Pioneer


Jeremy’s passion for sliding down snow covered mountains began at the age of 2 when his father first put him on skis. A childhood obsession with surfing and landlocked life growing up in Utah would naturally lead him to skateboarding and snowboarding in the 1980s. Jeremy has since spent decades as a local at Snowbird, Snowbasin and touring all over the backcountry conquering lines and building kickers with his friends, as well as competing in Big Air, Slopestyle Big Mountain & Boardercross competitions nation wide.

A relentless mission to ride as much powder as possible and Jeremy’s sense of humor as a Utah native led him to form a sect called the Powder-Day Saints in the early 90’s, and he began producing snow films under that name in the early 2000’s. This insatiable appetite for powder and decades of experience snowboarding & skateboarding led him to removing bindings from the equation in the late 90s and eventually create “powsurfers” which are a snowboard/surfboard hybrid, ridden in snow without any form of binding (powdersurfing).  Jeremy founded & created Grassroots Powdersurfing, the world’s first Powsurf company in 2007 and has shipped thousands of his handcrafted powsurfers all over the world. He gave birth to the Powsurf movement and has spent the past 14 years spreading powsurfing world-wide thru his personal artistic expression via his handcrafted boards, his filmmaking and his photography.


Godfather of Powsurfing, Owner/Founder of Grassroots Powdersurfing, Warren Miller Athlete, Cardiff Snow Craft Athlete, Professional Athlete, Artist, Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Shaper, Designer, Marketing Professional, Father, Husband, Observer for Utah Avalanche Center, University Professor


Master of Fine Arts (MFA) – Design & Film – Utah State University – 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – Graphic Design from Utah State University – 2004

Apple Certified Professional – Final Cut Pro & Motion

Jedi Master Degree from the School of Life & Outdoor Fun

Father of 2 Awesome Children


44 years riding snow  (11 yrs skiing, 33 yrs snowboarding)

23+ years experience as a cinematographer, editor, producer & photographer

22 years bindingless snow riding (powsurfing & snowskating)

14 years handcrafting thousands of powsurfers & marketing/selling them worldwide

8 years teaching Cinematography & Video Production at Utah State University

Major Film Appearances (Featured Athlete)

Warren Miller Films (Click Links to Watch)

“Line of Descent”Powsurfing Segment at Mustang Lodge (2017)

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“Here, There & Everywhere” – Opening Segment (2016)

“Chasing Shadows”Utah Backcountry Segment (2015)

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Warren Miller Athlete Profile: Jeremy Jensen

 “A Place Called Kookabunga” (2016) – Warp Wave Films

Powsurf Safari Segment | Full Movie

“White Waves” (2015) – Grassroots Powdersurfing

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“Nothing To Prove” (2014) – Celtek

Powsurfing Segment | Full Movie

“Car Danchi 8 – Forever Ride” (2015) – Car Danchi Films

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“The Powsurf Chronicles” Series (2009-2017)   – Grassroots Powdersurfing

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